Our Approach

 Bop Along Baby offers a unique program of early childhood music classes. Melbourne parents and child care centres love our engaging, interactive and child-centred approach that fosters a life-long love of music, along with numerous cognitive, social and motor skills. 

 Suitable for babies, toddlers and kindergarten kids, music classes with Bop Along are delivered by age group, building across four developmental stages. Our program aligns closely with the five key outcomes from the Victorian Early Years Learning and Development Framework. 

See our age guide below to learn more about what happens in our sessions for each of these stages.

Baby music classes

Babies aged 5 months +  

These nurturing sessions are designed to enhance language development and cognitive skills, focusing on memory and perception. Through games and creative repetition, babies become familiar with contrasting musical  concepts such as high/low, soft/loud and stop/start, as well as rhythm and melody. 

Our parents + bubs music classes in Fitzroy are perfect for new parents looking to connect with other families, as well as with their child. 

For babies in child care, our baby music program can assist with the transition into this new environment by providing a familiar, soothing and playful activity designed especially for this level of development.

Toddler music classes

Ages 16 months - 2.5 years


Toddlers continue the cognitive journey of learning, bringing in new skills and capabilities. Their growing independence as new walkers means our focus shifts to the application of motor skills. Classes incorporate movement, props and all sorts of fun games to develop coordination through musical engagement, while continuing to build on cognitive and language skills.

These sessions provide a creative outlet for some of the boundless energy of toddlers - a huge benefit to children, parents and child care centres alike. 

Pre-kinder music classes

Ages 2.5 - 3.5 years 

For the pre-kinder age group, classes build on the skills developed in previous developmental stages, gradually introducing aural and rhythmic understanding into our class repertoire. Active participation is encouraged through concepts such as call and response and tapping rhythms, which in turn enhances children's confidence and understanding of group dynamics.

These sessions are a wonderful opportunity to feed a budding musician's growing appetite for learning, while retain a sense of fun and play. 

Kinder & preschool music classes

Ages 3.5+

At this stage, we take aural and rhythm awareness to the next level. This involves clapping and reading rhythms, singing and reading solfa signs, plus lots of music-based games. Kinder boppers develop a set of skills that prepares them for school, including participating confidently and  creatively in a group environment.

Our kinder and preschool music classes are popular with child care centres, with many of their attendees preparing to make the transition to 'big school'.

Need more information?

When it comes to music classes for young children, Melbourne families and child care centres can rely on Bop Along Baby for vibrant experiences that nurture development, confidence and creativity. To learn more about how our programs work and discuss your needs, get in touch today. We'd love to hear from you!